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Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law can help the pain of family breakdown. Traditionally when a couple split they each have their own lawyer and try to work with that lawyer to resolve issues arising as a result of the family breakdown. In many cases resolution is achieved without the need to go to court, however, if not then a trip to court is necessary which can lead to more heartache and anxiety. With collaborative law you work with both lawyers to reach the best solutions for you and your family without going to court.

If you choose to deal with your matter in a collaborative way you both agree that neither of you will issue court proceedings. You both then have a series of meetings involving your respective lawyers to discuss the issues and try and find a solution. Once an agreement is reached you will agree about the issue of a Divorce Petition, if appropriate.

Many couples have found this process successful as they have been able to reach an agreement together with the assistance of lawyers without having to go through a painful court process. You set the pace of the meetings and you make the decisions that will affect your future.

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