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Children and Social Services

Our Children’s team specialise in providing tailored legal advice to families in need of support concerning all aspects of public law children cases.

Our dedicated team has a member of the accredited Law Society’s Children Panel and can help if you are worried about any of the following:

  • Social Services have or are seeking to remove a child into care;
  • Social Services are seeking to place a child for adoption;
  • Social Services are seeking to place a child in secure accommodation;
  • Social Services are seeking an Emergency Protection Order for a child;
  • Child in Need plans;
  • Child protection plans and conferences;
  • The return of a child after being placed into care; and
  • Contact with a child in care.

We can represent extended family members, such as grandparents, aunts and uncles or siblings, who are seeking to provide care when Social Services are seeking to remove a child from their family. We have successfully challenged negative viability assessments of family members to care for a child.

We can also assist where foster carers are seeking a Special Guardianship Order or to adopt a child they foster.

We offer honest and practical advice on how to resolve issues where Social Services are involved with your family. We can provide Legal Aid and competitive fixed fees so you can obtain initial advice about your rights as a child, parent or family member.

If you are a parent and Social Services are threatening to remove your child, you may automatically qualify for Legal Aid.

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