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Viv Garner


Viv has worked in Criminal Defence for over 18 years, building along the way skills and expertise that clients seek out.

Viv joined THB in October 2016.  Prior to joining she worked at a firm in Great Yarmouth handling all types of cases in the Police Investigation Centres, from Murder, Rape, Serious Assaults, Dishonesty Offences and Internet Child Pornography.

Following redundancy in early 2016, Viv initially chose to become a Self Employed Police Station Representative, relying heavily upon the reputation she had locally to attract work from local firms.

Since joining THB in the Norwich office Viv has handled most of the daytime police station work together with seeing clients in the office and preparing Crown Court files and attending Crown Court hearings when required.

Client’s appreciate Viv’s pleasant manner.  She will always try to put clients at ease in what is for some the most difficult situation that they have ever faced.  Her honest, frank but sensitive approach is what has maintained her client base over the last 18 years.

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